free online text adventure

Past and future have begun to collide, and neither will be the same again.

Tempus is a text fantasy role playing game set in an evolving universe of ancient magic and futuristic technology. As a time-traveling adventurer you choose your own path to power in this immersive multi-player experience.

Set apart from other MUDs by dovetailing diverse genres, the worlds of Tempus range from the visceral to the ethereal. Temporal rifts in time weave together a medieval past, a cyberpunk future, and the great elemental planes into a sweeping universe taking you to the outer regions of existence and back again.

Like an interactive novel, the online text environment ignites the mind and imagination with diverse character classes, exotic races and religions, immortal quests, powerful clans, welcoming players and countless features. The players and Immortals of Tempus invite you to alter our world.

Join the anachronistic multi-user domain. Play now: port 2020

Visually impaired, join us at: port 2021

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imagination is everything

Nothing is more powerful than your own imagination.  

Graphical games limit your view, mandating what you see on the screen.  Text is a universe without limits. The written word has a timeless appeal, powered by your imagination. Like an endless novel, Tempus is a written adventure where you can move freely through a evolving, interactive world.

You're not just reading about a hero – You ARE the hero.


reduced size game screen

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discover an endless universe

Three unique and distinct realms are precariously linked by a shattering of time and space.

The past plane exists at the height of ancient magic in the medieval era. Swords, sorcery and religions clash as knights, sorcerers and clerics shape a diverse feudal society.

Far into the future lurks a dark, war-torn dystopia.  Science reigns supreme as mercenaries, psionics, and cybernetic citizens seek modern existence in the crowded cities, while survivalists seek new havens to escape the blasted surface.

Home of greater powers both fiendish and divine, the Outer Planes house deities, demons, and other-worldly souls who have sloughed their mortal coil. Uniting in a great ring of brutal elements and energies, strange creatures form from fire, air, water and earth. No philosophies bind these diverse planes, save danger.

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choose your own path to power

Extensive features, environments, and class combinations give you the freedom to choose your own adventure. 

past classes

  • barbarian   bard
  • cleric         knight
  • mage         monk
  • ranger        thief


future classes

  • cyborg        mercenary
  • monk          physic 
  • psionic


  • free to play
  • friendly to new players
  • fully operational
  • time-travel, fantasy &  cyberpunk themes
  • over 350 zones; 32,000 rooms
  • custom codebase
  • dual-class characters
  • extended race selection
  • extended class selection
  • role-playing encouraged
  • clan conflicts

more features

  • restricted player-killing
  • reputation system
  • different religions
  • cybernetic implants
  • magical tattoos
  • immortal-run quests
  • player housing
  • equipment saves on exit
  • interactive world
  • player-written manual
  • vehicles
  • and much, much more

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